The goal of every home seller is to get the highest price possible, in the least amount of time. There are many factors that can affect the attainment of this goal. Market conditions, interest rates, and marketing plan can all influence selling price and time on the market.

Know your ‘why’

If you are thinking of selling, it’s important you know your reason why. Maybe it’s clear cut, like a job transfer requires you to move across the country, or you have a baby on the way and need more space. Or perhaps it’s a sellers’ market, homes are selling for much higher than their asking price, and you’d like to take advantage of that. Your motivation is what drives all other decisions. Keeping your “eye on the prize” will keep you going if there are bumps in the road (and there usually are).

Formula for success

There are three big considerations when it comes to selling a home: location, condition, and price. Each connects to the others. For instance, any home—regardless of condition or location—will sell provided it’s priced low enough. A property in a desirable location can be priced higher than a similar home in a less desirable location. It’s my job to determine how your home stacks up on these variables, and come up with a plan to ensure success.

home selling formula

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